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Steel Products

Automotive Steel Products

Automotive Steel Products
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Automotive Steel Products

1、The Bengang automotive steel products can help the customer to realize the following goals:(Bengang International Trade Company)
We are committed ourselves to provide the automotive steel products to our customers with reliable performance and excellent quality, through our own fine management, make the cost control at the iron and steel corporation front-end and help our customers to reduce vehicle purchase cost; Through the use of the Bengang high strength automotive steel series products, the customers can reduce the vehicle weight, improve the fuel economy and enhance the safety of the vehicle.

2、The Bengang automotive steel products categories(Research Institute) Bengang has already realized the automotive steel products series research and development, production and application of the extra deep drawing steel, high strength steel and advanced high strength steel etc, we have the capacity to make the serial production for the cold rolled products up to 800MPa level, hot dip galvanized products up to 600MPa level and automotive exposed sheet(O5).
Low carbon steel:
This series of products mainly in IF steel, comprising part of the Al killed steel products, IF steel contains very low amounts of carbon, by adding trace Ti and N b alloy elements, forming trace carbon nitride to avoid the existence of the interstitial solid solution atoms, no ageing phenomena.
These series products are widely used in the automotive industry as the visible components and structural parts. Because of its good deep drawing performance and no ageing phenomena, the deep drawing IF steel is used for the complex stamping parts and outer cover plate in automotive production, such as car side coaming, car oil bottom shell, doors and trunk lid etc.
This series products include the following five kinds of technical difficulties:

    • Commercial Quality
    • Drawing Quality
    • Deep Drawing Quality
    • Extra Deep Drawing Quality
    • Super Extra Deep Drawing Quality

This series products can be supplied according to the European standard, Japanese standard and general standard etc.
Low alloy high strength steel:
Low alloy high strength steel is one kind of high strength steel which is developed for automobile structural parts, in low carbon steel, a small amount of niobium and(or) titanium alloy elements are added, so that it can form carbides and nitride with carbon, nitrogen and other elements and precipitate from the ferrite matrix to increase the steel strength.
The low alloy high strength steel has the high yield ratio, this is suitable to increase the safety of the structural parts, because of this, it is widely used for the automobile inner structural parts, for example, the reinforced plate of the door hinge, door anti-collision beam, etc.
These series products can be supplied on different standards according to the customer requirements.
Bake hardening (BH) high strength steel
BH steel sheet is developed as one of the automotive steel plate in order to overcome the shortcomings of high yield stress, poor stamping performance of the high strength steel plate, the mechanism is that the strength is increased by pre-deforming the steel sheet which containing the interstitial solid solution atoms carbon and nitrogen, resulting in increased dislocation density in the matrix, with the aging treatment of paint baking, carbon and nitrogen interstitial atoms gathering and pinning at the dislocation.
This series of products have good formability and sag resistance, they are mainly used for middle and high grade automobile outer covers and structural parts which require large deformation, such as car engine cover, car cover, etc. These series products from Bengang have both the good BH performance and room temperature aging performance.
These series products can be supplied on different standards according to the customers' requirements.
IF high strength steel
IF high strength steel is a kind of steel in which a suitable amount of P and Mn elements are added in the IF steel, its material properties are improved by solid solution strengthening. IF high strength steel has good formability, high strength, good welding property, no aging, corrosion resistance and other comprehensive performance, the strength level is mainly of 340Mpa、390Mpa、440Mpa,and it is mainly used for automotive unexposed parts, structural parts and strengthening parts.
These series products can be supplied on different standards according to the customers' requirements.
Dual phase steel
Based on the phase transformation strengthening, dual phase steel(DP steel) which is composed of ferrite and martensite, is a typical example of advanced high strength steel, it has good strength and ductility and other characteristics, has been widely used in automotive plants at home and abroad.
Microstructure:Ferrite(F)+a small amount of martensite(M).
Composition:The main characteristics of the dual phase in chemical composition are low carbon, low alloy. The main alloying elements are Si and Mn, and suitable amount of Cr、Mo、V alloy elements, etc are also added on some dual phase steel according to the difference of the production equipments, process and strength level.
Performance features:

    • High initial work hardening rate
    • No yield extension
    • High uniform elongation
    • Low yield ratio
    • Good BH performance

DP steel is generally used for the automotive parts which have the requirements of high strength, high impact absorption energy and high formability, such as bumper, suspension system and reinforced parts, etc.
These series products can be supplied on different standards according to the customers' requirements.
The hot-formed steel
The steel sheet hot stamping is an effective way to get ultra high strength stamping parts, it can effectively solve the problem of poor formability of the ultra high strength steel, it is a new technology which is developed and used in recent 20 years, with the requirements for domestic automobile safety and environment protection gradually integrated with the world, the application of the hot-formed steel is getting more and more.

  • The body parts can get ultra high strength, weight decreasing and parts shape design simplifying can be realized.
  • The size precision is good and almost no rebound when the strength of the hot-formed parts reaches about 1500MPa.
  • The parts surface hardness, dent resistance and stiffness are good.

At present, Bengang can produce 1500MPa level hot-formed steel.
The following table shows the current automotive plate products mix of Bengang:

3、Surface treatment (R&D Department)
Cold rolling product


  • oiling
  • no oiling
  • galvanizing product
  • oiling
  • passivation
  • passivation+oiling

4、GA(R & D Department)
With GA coating the products have excellent anticorrosion performance and surface quality, and also have excellent welding performance, so products with GA coating are widely used for internal and exposed car parts.

Bnegang has the batch production capacity of GA products.  
Packing (Packing Company)
The packing design for automobile plates in Bengang introduced the packing materials and methods adopted by some advanced domestic and international steel enterprises, and are widely used in home appliance sheet, automobile plate and other high value-added products packing. The packing material and methods can adapt to various regions, seasons and extreme weather conditions, preventing corrosion, water and mechanical collision happened in the process of logistics transportation, which effectively ensure the products to be delivered to the customers in good condition.

Product packing diagram


1 - inside anti-rust paper, 2 – peripheral anti-rust paper, 3 - plastic film, 4 - inner paper corner protector, 5 - outer paper corner protector, 6 - inside corrugated cardboard, 7 – outside peripheral corrugated cardboard. 8 - inner steel protect plate, 9- edge corrugated cardboard, 10 - round steel plate, 11 – inside edge protecting steel ring, 12 - outer ring steel plate. 13 - outer edge protection steel ring, 14- radial strap, 15 – circumferential strap,16 -lock and shim,


main process of product packing



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