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Products Specification

Ductile iron – What is it?

Ductile Iron is an iron/carbon/silicon alloy. With the addition of magnesium to the molten iron the graphite forms in spheres rather than in flakes. This transformation eliminates brittleness and produces a strong, ductile material.


Features Benefits
Inherent Strength
  • Inherent Strength Ability to withstand extreme internal pressures and external loads.
  • Can be laid in poor load bearing or unstable ground.
  • Resistant to freeze-thaw conditions.
Excellent Impact Resistance
  • Excellent Impact Resistance Minimum risk of damage to exposed pipework during installation.
  • Resistance to second comer damage or disruption.
High Safety Margin
  • High safety factor incorporated into design.
  • Measured failure at more than double allowable operating pressure.
High Ring Stiffness
  • Can be laid in poor load bearing or unstable ground (e.g. marshland).
  • No long term reduction in stiffness (relaxation).
  • Less dependant on surrounding material for support.
Flexible Joints
  • Accommodate ground movement and limit longitudinal stresses.
  • Capable of angular deflection and axial withdrawal.
  • Ability to negotiate long radius bends without the need for additional fittings.
Corrosion Resistant
  • Cement Mortar lining provides active internal pipe protection.
  • Range of external coatings available to suit a variety of aggressive ground conditions (acidic/alkaline).
Resistance to Tuberculation
  • Linings protect against formation of iron compounds.
  • Eliminates long-term reduction of internal bore.
Superior Hydraulic Performance
  • Bore is greater than that of most other materials of the same nominal diameter, results in superior discharge.
Complete Range of Fittings
  • Comprehensive range of fittings available from stock.
  • Ability to meet emergency requirements without special fabrication.
  • Fittings, pipes, valves and joint components supplied in one single delivery.
  • Pipes and fittings compatible with most other materials.
Comprehensive Product Range
  • More than 6000 standard products available.
  • Over 1000 products are offered within a 3-day or 10-day delivery period.
  • Capability to manufacture specials upon request.
Consistent High Quality
  • Pipe manufacturing experience for over 150 years.
  • Electronically controlled manufacturing process.