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Products Specification

Repair soft damage of ductile cast iron pipe

Repair soft damage of ductile cast iron pipe

Cut some part of pipe beacuse of construction requirements or ellipse on the spigot end occurring for unsuitaboe handle during transporting, or less damage of internal and external lining of pipe

1. Pipe Rounding:

SINO ENGINEERING  GROUP(HK) CO., LIMITEDThrough hydraulic or mechanical hoisting way, withstanding internal wall and pressing outwards, or withstanding external wall and pressing inwards for avoiding damaging cement lining, hardwood gasket should be used similar with internal shape of pipe


2. Pipe Cutting:

Pipe cutter can be mounted grinding wheel for cutting and polishing. Emery wheel is suitable for cutting pipe with cement lining. Pipe should put on the ground or rectangle wood while cutting. Steps of pipe cutting: marking, cutting, and polishing.


3. Repair Outside Coating Layer:SINO ENGINEERING  GROUP(HK) CO., LIMITED

Clean the surface with furry brush or wire brush, id necessary, it can be dried with natureal gas. After cleaned coated with oil paint.


4. Repair Cement Lining

SINO ENGINEERING  GROUP(HK) CO., LIMITEDa Turn the parts needed repairing to the bottom and get rid of the damaged part.


b Remove residual cement with wire brush and moist the cement layer edge which needs repairing, then waiting for several minutes


c Filling cement mortar and press it to the original thickness of cement layer


d Finally coat the surface smoothly and add some water or cover a layer of washed cloth on it to avoid cement dry immediately and produce cracks