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Integrity of the stainless steel pipe


Integrity of the stainless steel pipe

Vice agency, investigators said a section unpacks steel tube legs were blown into the air, and ship it to a lab in Washington for testing. have extra feet of pipe at both ends of the explosion hacked on Sunday and should be steel tube. Hart asked the public for help. While residents of the media have reported that they smelled gas in the days before the explosion, investigators have not made a report from someone who wants one. The utility and said it found no record of such calls in the week before the disaster. If a substantial leak before the stainless steel pipe, Hart said the gas could have killed vegetation. Ask anyone with dead plants bound to go along with all the video of the incident and came to scrap metal on their property. Other areas of research, Hart said, inter alia, if appropriate monitoring and control of the pipeline with a computer system that responded to cut workers quickly enough gas, falling through the pipe and continued fuel of stainless steel pipe, and if there are any systemic issues regarding this contributed to the explosion. said it would cooperate fully with the probe, but faced questions about the integrity of the natural gas line. Responded Sunday to a document published by the Utility Reform Network, connecting in San Francisco, shows that it planned to spend millions to replace a part of the same gas line.