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Cold-drawn stainless steel pipe production of technical reports


Cold-drawn stainless steel pipe production of technical reports

Technical process, is a measure of whether a company has an advanced nature, the availability of market competitiveness, it will keep ahead of competitors based on key indicators. As China cold drawn stainless steel pipe market, the rapid development of the related core production technology applications and R & D will become the industry's business focus. Understanding of domestic and foreign production of cold-drawn stainless steel capillary pipe core technology R & D trends, process equipment, technology applications and the trend for enterprises to enhance their product technical specifications to improve market competitiveness is crucial.


Of this report by reference to a large number of patent documents on the hard-drawn stainless steel pipe technology advances to do a systematic introduction, through detailed investigation and authoritative technical information and related intelligence gathering, to provide customers with products of the cold-drawn stainless steel capillary pipe core technology application status, technical R & D, process equipment matching, high-end technology and other aspects of information, for business to understand all kinds of cold-drawn stainless steel pipe production technology and its development of useful.


Part of this report the prospects for commercial application of cold-drawn stainless steel capillary pipe products from the areas of application, downstream products, production status at home and abroad, the domestic potential manufacturers, foreign manufacturers and the scale of domestic production trends, market conditions and forecasts, supply and demand analysis and forecasting , domestic demand and many other manufacturers and contact cold-drawn stainless steel pipe products in terms of market situation and development direction of a detailed exposition can be used as cold-drawn stainless steel capillary pipe products deep processing technology development trend of the importance of guidance decision-making.


Stainless steel pipe technology trends. Stainless steel capillary pipe mainly by the hot-rolled steel production, in addition to hot-rolled, there are perforated using hot or cold drawing process after the cold-rolled stainless steel sheet production of small size, 321 stainless steel pipe in the pipe as a proportion of the last few Year stable at around 42% ~ 45%, pipe upward trend. Stainless steel capillary pipe welded pipe network and compare the variety of materials, reliability and adaptability, in particular, to adapt to thick-walled and alloy production. The main problem is high investment, high cost and complex manufacturing process, large wall thickness and ovality tolerance. The welded pipe is actually deep processing of sheet products, the price of similar conditions, the 321 stainless steel pipe network competitive in the market because of its reliability and to improve, with the continuous improvement of the quality of stainless steel pipe and welded raise the level of technical equipment, occupied part of the seamless pipe market, there is the possibility of being welded pipe replaced, but only very limited areas.


Hot-rolling process is a major stainless steel pipe manufacturing methods, accounting for 80% of seamless tube production hot rolling pipe production unit addition to the variety and quality of rolling their own technical levels, in large part by the smelting and casting of the constraints, so the advanced smelting process should be referring to the complete flow control processing. Internationally renowned companies are mostly complete Seamless Stainless Steel Capillary Pipe Plant, or a professional steel company, by outsourcing manufacturing seamless pipe billet business is difficult in the intense competition in the market accounted for stable positions. Smelting electric arc furnace or a converter using a LF refining a deal with a full protection of VD vacuum casting continuous casting tube round a hot rolling mill (NPN, PQF) a tube processing, today's international advanced stainless steel pipe plate production process, using the above-mentioned process can produce, such as OCTG, high-pressure boiler pipe, the low-alloy tubes. Tianjin Pipe Corporation, Baoshan Iron and Steel Traders (Steel) Corporation, Anshan Iron and Steel seamless factory, Baotou seamless factory were to achieve the above process, climbing Cheng Gang seamless and Hengyang Steel Tube Company is also supporting projects to build did not pay close attention to the recent above-mentioned process can be now process.