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Stainless steel pipe should be the healthy development of the manufacturing sector


With the rapid development of China's economic construction, stainless steel consumption continues to increase, the demand for stainless steel also is widening, and the market prospects. However, at present made of stainless steel pipe in variety, size, quantity, quality, etc. There is a gap with market demand. Varieties, made of stainless steel seamless pipe still eliminated 1Gr18Ni9Ti abroad mainly made of urea-class, high-precision stainless steel quality is also very difficult to guarantee; power station boiler heat exchanger tubes, pipes and so on urea fertilizer devices rely mainly on imports; with Good corrosion resistance of duplex stainless steel tube, very little domestic production. Product specifications, large-caliber, high demand for stainless steel pipe and long tubes, etc., the gap is relatively large; general-purpose small-caliber stainless steel production capacity greater than the market demand. The number of products, higher standards of industrial pipe, particularly in demanding industrial pipe is basically empty, ordinary stainless steel production and the overall market demand balance, common seamless pipe production capacity surplus, medium, low-level standard stainless steel decoration pipe oversupply.


Stainless steel pipe should be the healthy development of the manufacturing sector

    Over the past decade, with the rapid expansion of application fields, the domestic right of different materials, different specifications, different varieties for different uses surge in demand for stainless steel pipe; with stainless steel pipes to attract high value-added, production of stainless steel pipe business from 80 years When more than a dozen to the current more than 400 integrated production and processing capacity of more than 1 million tons, the actual production from 1989 to 5 million tonnes in 1999 to 39 million tons; output reached 5,000 tons of standard business small, Most annual output of 1,000 tons of small factories. Of steel from a single austenite into martensite and the development of ferritic dual-phase steel, high alloy steel; product varieties, including seamless steel pipe cold trombone, cold pipe, hot-extruded tubes, centrifugal casting tubes, spin pressure pipe; welded pipes, including: plasma welding, argon arc welding, submerged arc, the speed of light and high-frequency welding, pipe welding, can produce stainless steel tube basically covers the countries of the world-standard varieties of specifications, stainless steel Rectangular pipe specification varieties also have reached more than 100 kinds of products used in industrial and civil and many other fields. Some developed countries in the world's total output of stainless steel welded stainless steel pipe output 65% ~ 75%. China stainless steel welded pipe capacity is incompatible with the domestic market demand, forecasting the 21st century, the domestic market demand for stainless steel welded pipes for at least year 6 million tons of imported products need to make up.