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Products Specification

The special properties of stainless steel pipe


The special properties of stainless steel pipe

1. As the light, easy handling and construction and reduce costs.

    Thin-walled stainless steel pipe due to corrosion resistance and superior mechanical properties, only about one-third the thickness of galvanized steel pipes can be. Therefore, much lighter weight pipe, cost will be reduced to make transport easier, the installation more convenient.


2. Impact-resistant


3. Twist: at the construction site, due to construction site, space limitations and construction tools, construction workers often use plastic pipe instead of forced by the construction specifications construction, Therefore, it is necessary to consider the junction pipe and pipe fittings distortion factor.


4. Excellent corrosion resistance: Due to the surface of stainless steel will form a thin layer of protective film, although this protective film is about 3 �� 10-6 mm, but very tough, even if they are damaged, as long as there is next to oxygen, that is, are immediately available for regeneration and to prevent rust, as long as know the characteristics of stainless steel and correctly used, up to 100 �� in the water pipes or hot water, etc. less corrosive conditions, almost no fear of rust, but also worry about the galvanized steel pipe commonly generated within the "rusty protruding objects" caused by the internal diameter smaller or larger phenomena such as resistance, can not block access to the water flow.


5. Health and reliable and not worry about red water, green water, and so on.