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Steel Tube Process -Heat Treatment

Heat treatment, also called thermal treatment, is a process that put materials into a certain medium for heating, heat preservation and cooling. It is also a kind of technical process to control the performance of materials through changing the structure of material surface and interior structure.

Heat Treatment Production Line LST owns two thermal treatment production lines. We professionally configure tubing, casing, coupling stock, line pipe, drill pipe, national standard high pressure boiler pipe, hydraulic prop tube and high pressure cylinder pipe. They are produced in accordance with API standards for heat treatment work. The production range of this thermal treatment production line is that one is with the outer diameter of φ114 mm to 406 mm and the length less than or equal to 13.5 m and the other one is with the outer diameter of φ48 mm to 180 mm and shorter than or equal to 12.5 m. The annual productions of the two heat treatment lines are 150,000 tons and 50,000 tons respectively. This production line is also equipped with advanced thermal treatment equipment with temperature difference inside the furnace not more than 5℃.

Technological Process of Heat Treatment Tube Warehouse → Quenching and Normalizing Heating → Water Quenching → Tempering Heating → High Pressure Water Descaler → Sizing → Cooling → Straightening → Cooling → Removing Oxide Scale → Inside Surface Inspection of Left Pipe End → Pipe End Inspection →Inside Surface Inspection of Right Pipe End → Pipe Body Inspection → Artificial Outside Surface Inspection → Hydrostatic Test→ Collect and Put into Storage

Technological Features of Thermal Treatment

  • Heat treatment is an important technological process in mechanical manufacturing. Compared to other processing techniques, it generally does not change the shape of work piece and its integrated chemical component. It can improve the performance by changing the internal microstructure of workpieces or changing the chemical component of the workpiece surface.
  • Thermal treatment can improve the inner quality of work pieces that cannot be found by naked eyes.
  • Heat treatment technology is also inevitable in improving the mechanical property, physical property and chemical property of work pieces.
  • Steel is the most widely used material in mechanical industry. It owns complex micro structure and can be controlled by thermal treatment. Besides, aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium and their alloys can also get new mechanical property, physical property, chemical property and using performance due to heat treatment.