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Products Standard

Steel Tube Process -Dressing

In order to meet the customers' requirements of dimension and quality, we also do reprocessing of our seamless steel pipes. Pipe dressing is just a reprocessing procedure to make rolled products to meet the specific performance and requirements of technical conditions. It is also known as precision finishing and includes inspection, cutting, straightening, printing, assort packing, etc.

Production Equipment LST pipe dressing equipment covers 14 sets of three roll micro tension sizing mills, six roll straightening machine, pipe cutting machine, inspection machine, and so on.

Technological Process of Precision Finishing Straightening-Cut to Length-Non-destructive Inspection-Dimension Inspection-Surface Inspection-Drift Diameter Inspection-Hydrostatic Test-Varnishing-Marking-Packaging-Dispatching

Features of Pipe Dressing

  • Different kinds of seamless steel pipes have different precision finishing methods. The general one includes straightening, cutting, heat treatment, inspection, test, printing, weighing and packaging. The final procedure of pipe dressing for hot-rolled seamless tube includes measuring, weighing, spray marking and packaging.
  • After pipe dressing, our seamless steel pipes have high straightness and good surface quality. But because of expansion caused by heat and contraction caused by cold, the outside diameter of pipe will change a little after precision finishing.

Pipe Dressing Process Different varieties of steel pipes own different precision finishing processes, such as cutting, acid-pickling, heat treatment, flattening, straightening, etc.

  • Dressing Process for General Pipes
  • Hot Rolling-Cooling- Straightening- Initial Inspection-Cutting-Inspection-Grinding-Testing-Packaging-Putting into Storage
  • Pipe Dressing for Casing
  • Hot Rolling-Cooling-Straightening-Initial Inspection-Cutting-Heating and Quenching -Tempering-Sizing-Straightening-Non-destructive Inspection-Pipe Cutting-Threading-Twisting-Hydrostatic Testing- Spreading Rust Inhibitor-Putting into Storage
  • Precision Finishing Process for Drill Pipe
  • Hot Rolling-Cooling-Straightening-Initial Inspection-Cutting-Pipe End Heating -Pipe End Thickening-Straightening-Non-destructive Inspection-Pipe End Treatment-Joint Welding-Removing Burrs- Weld Seam Heat Treatment and Inspection-Threading-Twisting-Putting into Storage
  • Pipe Dressing for Bushed Bearing
  • Hot Rolling-Cooling-Heat Treatment-Straightening-Cutting-Inspection-Grinding-Putting into Storage