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Products Standard

Steel Tube Process - Hot Rolling

Hot rolling, also called thermal rolling, means that metal materials are rolled in high temperature. It is especially used for steel pipes because the process needs less rolling force. In addition, we also provide other processing techniques, such as cold rolling or cold drawing, dressing or finishing, upsetting, threading and heat treatment.

Hot Rolling Unit (Thermal Rolling Unit)

  • Φ110 AccuRoll Rolled Tube
  • This kind of steel pipe features flexible production and wide use range. It is also convenient to change the product specifications and applies widely.
  • Φ140 Assel Rolled Tube
  • The main equipment for hot rolling or thermal rolling includes annular furnace, cone-shaped punching machine, Assel pipe rolling machine, 14 sets of three roll micro tension sizing mill, etc. The processing technology and equipment of Assel rolling mill is in the international leading level.
  • Φ273 Diesel Rolled Tube
  • We have some equipment for thermal rolling including annular furnace, cone-shaped punching machine, new Assel pipe mill, online heat treatment furnace, 14 sets of three roll micro tension sizing mill, and so on.

Technological Process of Hot Rolling Round Pipe Billet → Heating → Punching → Precision Tube Rolling Unit → Reheating → Sizing Mill and Tension Reducing Mill → Sampling Inspection → Cooling


  • Thermal rolling can obviously reduce energy consumption and reduce production cost. After this process, our steel pipes acquire high plasticity and they are not easy to deform.
  • This processing technology can improve the processing properties of seamless steel tubes and alloy. Hot rolling can also reduce or eliminate casting flaws.
  • Thermal rolling can produce steel pipes with large diameter with fast production speed and high production efficiency.